Sushi Ronin

Sushi Ronin gives its guests a seamless indoor/outdoor space, perfect for Colorado’s weather, plus an attractive dining area and bar/lounge. With an omakase forward menu, Sushi Ronin will also offer a curated sake and spirits list to complement the menu.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Sushi Ronin is to create an intimate community experience that engages, educates and delights. With over a decade in the profession of traditional Japanese cuisine, The Executive Chef brings the Omakase forward style of preparation juxtaposed with unexpected and innovative flavor profiles from around the world. The seasonal menu blurs the line between modern and classic delicacy. Dishes are plated in an entrancingly beautiful fashion and enjoyed in a manner that will excite all five senses. Not to be outdone, the Ronin Bar will offer curated Japanese whiskey, sake and a local spirits list to complement the menu.

Omakase Shimasu translates roughly to, “I Trust You” pertaining to the Chef.  It is similar to a tasting menu, but much deeper.  It means the chef places what courses come out to the Chefs judgement, based on what is fresh and great on that specific day, along with the connection and rapport with the eaters preferences and profiles of food. At Sushi Ronin the Chefs will express this method to every diner possible by reading reactions and gaining relationships through adjusting to courses based on immediate feedback and reactions to the food. This is the experience of Omakase in a smaller more intimate setting, executed by skilled chefs.

One of our main goals through Sushi Ronin, will be to make and sustain a connecting bond with not only the surrounding community of the Lohi/Highlands neighborhood, but with Denver and the Great State of Colorado. We will strive to set a positive example through education with food and Unsecuredloans4u service by our actions and support within organizations of our rapidly growing community and State.