Sushi Ronin

Sushi Ronin gives its guests a seamless indoor/outdoor space, perfect for Colorado’s weather, plus an attractive dining area and bar/lounge. With an omakase forward menu, Sushi Ronin will also offer a curated sake and spirits list to complement the menu.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Sushi Ronin is to create an intimate community experience that engages, educates and delights. With over a decade in the profession of traditional Japanese cuisine, Executive Chef Corey Baker brings the Omakase forward style of preparation juxtaposed with unexpected and innovative flavor profiles from around the world. The seasonal menu blurs the line between modern and classic delicacy. Dishes are plated in an entrancingly beautiful fashion and enjoyed in a manner that will excite all five senses. Not to be outdone, the Ronin Bar will offer curated Japanese whiskey, sake and a local spirits list to complement the menu.

“Omakase dining is a momentous interaction of trust and conviviality that a chef has the privilege of creating. I have devoted my craft as a chef to deliver truly unique experiences one meal at a time. Sushi Ronin is about removing the rigidity of traditional Omakase and providing that exclusive experience for every customer.” – Chef Corey Omakase Shimasu translates roughly to, “I Trust You” pertaining to the Chef.  It is similar to a tasting menu, but much deeper.  It means the chef places what courses come out to the Chefs judgement, based on what is fresh and great on that specific day, along with the connection and rapport with the eaters preferences and profiles of food. At Sushi Ronin the Chefs will express this method to every diner possible by reading reactions and gaining relationships through ajusting to courses based on immidiate feedback and reactions to the food. This is the experience of Omakase in a smaller more intimate setting, executed by skilled chefs.

One of our main goals through Sushi Ronin, will be to make and sustain a connecting bond with not only the surrounding community of the Lohi/Highlands neighborhood, but with Denver and the Great State of Colorado. We will strive to set a positive example through education with food and service by our actions and support within organizations of our rapidly growing community and State.

Chef Corey Baker’s Bio

In 1985, a few days after being born, Corey Baker had embarked to his fathers favorite restaurant with his family, a quaint Sushi bar on South Pearl street where young chef Toshi San had jus began his first year of business.

Born and raised in Denver, Corey grew up in an Artistic /Musically driven family. Expression in any form of Art was required in the Baker family, as well as a appreciation of food in many cultural forms. His mother was always cooking and always changing recipes growing up.  She had learned Fillipino cooking from her mother in law, Crisanta, and was constantly experimenting with all asian foods which was a true inspiration and is a hinted style in Coreys cooking.

Corey first got the itch for a Restaurant life at 15. He joined a AVS Culinary program through a community college and immediately was hooked. At the age of 17 he started his sushi career at same sushi bar that his family had taken him right after being born, Sushi Den. Like any beginner should, he washed rice and did back prep, only allowed to practice making rolls with newspaper and rice balls after the restaurant had closed. Through a handful of jobs in sushi bars around metro Denver he landed his first executive chef job at 19 years old at another Highlands restaurant Sushi Hai. A few years later and short stints at Sushi Sasa and Sushi Yoshi, He went back to work at Sushi Den for the next several years and really caught his stride and style, creating elaborate Omakase dinners and expanding his regular customer base to new heights and fans that craved his ever changing dishes.

On a mission to have a place to call his own, he moved on and forward to broaden his awareness on what he wanted for his space. He took over a few smaller start up sushi bars such as Sweet Ginger and Spicy Ginger, also running the sushi program at Rice Bistro for a year. All of these Sushi bars have guided and educated him on his journey to open his own restaurant. The chefs that have influenced him are beyond experienced in their craft of Sushi and Japanese cuisine. But none more than Toshi San, Chef and owner of Sushi Den. The man who created that first experience of a sushi bar for him, and the Chef that gave him the guide to success through Loyalty, Sacrifice, Persistence and Honor. This is what Chef Corey strives to preserve through his restaurant Sushi Ronin, while honoring those before him and sharing the love of his craft.